Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely?

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely?

The brake pump or master cylinder of our vehicle may not work properly for various reasons such as, for example, because a rubber component is deteriorated or leaking, among other things.

In the event of a faulty brake pump, it will not be able to generate the necessary pressure needed to activate the braking system, which may jeopardise the integrity of the vehicle.

In this Frenkit post, we explain what is more convenient depending on each case: repairing the master cylinder or replacing it with a brand new pump. Read on and find out!

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When to change the brake pump

The brake master cylinder is located in the engine compartment, i.e. where the engine of our vehicle is housed. It is also responsible for converting mechanical force into hydraulic pressure so that our car can slow down gradually or suddenly.

The braking system of our vehicle is of vital importance, as a brake system in poor condition can sometimes be the cause of an accident while driving. Some of the most frequent symptoms that we must take into account to know whether or not to repair a brake master cylinder are:

  • Fluid leakage. The fluid leak occurs at the junction of the brake pump and brake servo at the rear.
  • If the vehicle does not stop when the brake is applied. This occurs when the brake pump or master cylinder does not generate the necessary pressure for the brake circuit to actuate the car's brake pedal.
  • If the vehicle continues to brake after releasing the pedal. If the master cylinder pistons do not retract sufficiently and do not release the pressure in the system.

Why repair a master cylinder instead of replacing it completely?

After knowing some of the reasons why the brake pump of our vehicle may be damaged and we must proceed with its repair, it is essential to know first what are the prices that usually range between the repairs in mechanical workshops.

Unlike other parts of the vehicle, the brake pump or master cylinder does not usually have a very high cost, as it is between 27 and 52 pounds if we are talking about a normal model. On the other hand, what can be expensive is the repair or replacement of the defective brake pump with one in good condition if we go to a garage, as this ranges from 86 to 300 pounds. And why is this? Well, it is directly related to the location of the brake pump within the braking system of our car: access to the engine compartment is much more complex than any other part of the vehicle.

In this case, from Frenkit, as experts in the manufacture and distribution of brake components, we recommend you to repair the brake pump as long as you have the necessary knowledge to access the engine compartment of your vehicle, or take it to your trusted workshop.

Depending on the model, type and make of vehicle, the price of the brake pump may vary from one to another. Therefore, in our online catalogue you will find a wide range of brake pump repair kits and kits so that you can do it yourself as we explain in this post on how to disassemble a master cylinder or how to change a master cylinder.

What tools do I need to remove and repair a brake pump?

In most cases, the tools you will need to repair the brake pump yourself are the basic ones for any type of repair: round-nosed screwdriver, pliers, circlip pliers, brake fluid, spanner, allen key or screwdriver. 

Tools to remove a brake pump

  • Spanner. Thanks to the spanner we can mount and dismount certain parts of the brake pump more easily.

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely? 1

  • Allen key. With the help of an Allen key we remove the parts of the internal piston of the brake pump and in this way remove the spring that makes up the internal part.

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely? 2

Tools to repair a brake pump

  • Screwdriver with rounded tip. With the help of the screwdriver we remove the rubber bands where the brake fluid reservoir is inserted and also remove the brake pump body. It is best if the tip cannot scratch the metal surface. Frenkit uses a tool like this.

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely? 3

  • Pliers and circlip pliers. We use both types of pliers to remove the washer and the ring that holds the brake pump, for this it is important to hold the brake pump correctly. With these tools we can repair the brake caliper more easily.

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completel? 4

  • Brake fluid. Brake fluid transmits the force we exert when we press the brake pedal, which exerts pressure on each wheel of the vehicle, forcing it to stop.

Repair a brake master cylinder or replace it completely? 4

At Frenkit we recommend that you consult your nearest and most trusted workshop when you do not know how to repair or replace the brake pump of your vehicle.

For more information about our product references, do not hesitate to consult our website where you can filter according to the make, model or type of vehicle. Also discover our blog where we talk about, for example, what is a clutch in a car or the types of clutches.

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