Advantages and disadvantages of drum brakes

Advantages and disadvantages of drum brakes

When we press the brake pedal to stop our vehicle, the brake system absorbs the kinetic energy produced in its displacement. This movement is carried out by friction between two parts: a fixed part, such as the brake shoes; and a moving part, such as the drum.

This process stops the movement of the car's wheels and transforms the energy generated into heat. In the case of drum brakes, they are still used in low-end vehicles. The reasons? We tell you in this post.

At Frenkit, we have a wide range of products in stock, which allows us to supply the products in a short period of time. Below, we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of the drum brake. But first, let's remember how the drum brake works:

A car drum brake is a type of brake that, when the vehicle's pedal is depressed, produces friction through the brake shoes which, in turn, press against the inner surface of a rotating drum connected to the axle or wheel of the car.

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Why drum brakes are important

The braking system of a vehicle is not only a pedal and a handbrake that works when we operate it or have to stop the car. It goes much further. It is a very complete system that keeps us safe while driving.

In this case, the drum brake, generally located on the rear wheels, is made up of a series of elements, whose assembly and operation are quite simple: brake drum, brake plate, brake shoes, cylinders or hydraulic cylinders, among other parts of the drum brake.

But why is the drum brake system of our car important?

If we use the braking system properly, the operation of the drum brake will be activated instantaneously when we press the brake pedal. At this moment, the drum shoes press inside the brake drum, which is responsible for stopping the movement of the car through friction.

Advantages and disadvantages of drum brakes

As drivers, we must be aware that any anomaly in the drum brakes of our car, brings with it a problem when driving and, sometimes, it can mean that we get to suffer an accident.

For this reason, at Frenkit, as experts in manufacturing and distributing brake components for passenger cars and light vehicles, we urge you, if you are not able to repair the drum brake on your own, to go to a generalist workshop that will take care of the repair. 

Drum brake advantages

  1. Lower cost. The main advantage of drum brakes is their low cost, in addition to being a very effective and long lasting system. Therefore, unlike disc brakes, the price of drum brake components is much lower than some of the components found in the market for disc brakes. That's a big difference between disc brake and drum brake.
  2. Simple installation. If we want to replace the parts of the drum brake, we must take into account that the installation of the brake mechanism is not complicated. It may take between one or two hours.
  3. Protection against atmospheric agents. If your car still uses drum brakes, another of the benefits is that they protect the braking system from water, ice, mud, etc. In this way, they become the perfect components in adverse conditions and secondary roads.

Disadvantages of drum brakes

  1. Their components require a break-in period. Unlike disc brake pads, brake shoes require a longer break-in period. Therefore, when replacing these components, it is advisable to avoid sudden braking during the first 300 kilometers. In addition, it is also not advisable to carry out an MOT brake test, since braking is not as effective.
  2. Poor heat dissipation. This ventilation problem occurs because drum brakes do not have the capacity to disperse the heat generated by friction. This causes the brake system to overheat quickly. Consequently, the brake drum ends up deforming and, because of this, as drivers, we have to press the brake pedal harder to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Now that you know some of the disadvantages and advantages of drum brakes, you should know that at Frenkit, brake part distributors, we are conscious of developing and manufacturing our products according to OEM or customer specifications. For this reason, we work with a quality management system certified according to ISO 9.001 requirements.

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