Advantages and disadvantages of self-repairing your car's brake caliper and master cylinder

Advantages and disadvantages of self-repairing your cars brake caliper and master cylinder

The parts that make up the braking system of a vehicle are responsible for transmitting the force and pressure necessary to activate the braking system and thus bring the vehicle to a stop, with the aim of avoiding any accident at the wheel.

Sometimes the brake caliper and pump system can fail for various reasons: the brake is blocked, the brake pads are excessively worn, there is no brake fluid or the brake pedal does not return, for example. To remedy these faults, it is important to know how to carry out a correct repair and thus avoid accidents or vehicle malfunctions.

In this Frenkit post we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of repairing your vehicle's brake caliper and pump yourself. Read on and find out!

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Why it is important to have a brake caliper and brake pump in good condition

The brake calipers are the parts that perform the final mechanism of the vehicle's braking system and are responsible for pushing the brake pads against the disc to slow down. On the other hand, the brake pumps are responsible for pressurising the fluid and maintaining the pressure throughout the hydraulic circuit of our car.

Both components are located within the braking system of the vehicle.

Gradually, when the driver presses the brake pedal, this brake system slows down and the vehicle comes to a stop. It is therefore of great importance that these parts work correctly and always with the best possible precision. As drivers, we must ensure that these components are in good condition, that they are properly maintained on a regular basis and that we learn to anticipate any faults that may arise.


Pros and cons of self-repairing brake calipers and pumps

As drivers, it is essential to bear in mind that regular and technical inspections must be carried out, as they are of great importance if we do not want to have any accidents on the road.

If we are going to repair our vehicle's brake calipers or master cylinder ourselves, either because we want to save money on repairs and replacements, or because we know how to repair these parts, at Frenkit we recommend carrying out this type of repair as long as we have the necessary knowledge to repair our vehicle's brake calipers and brake pumps. If you do not know these steps, we advise you to go to a trusted workshop.

Here are some of the disadvantages and advantages of repairing your own brake caliper and master cylinder:

Three disadvantages of self-repairing brake calipers and pumps

  1. Lack of appropriate tools. One of the big disadvantages of repairing your car's brake system on your own is not having the necessary tools to fix the fault. However, despite this, there are easily available tools that will be useful for future repairs to our car: circlip pliers, brake fluid, round-nosed screwdriver or the special tool case from Frenkit, for example.
  2. Lack of guarantee. If we carry out the repair ourselves and it is not correct, there is nothing we can do about it. However, if we take our vehicle to a specialised garage and, over time, the brake calipers and brake pump break down again, it is possible that, thanks to the garage's guarantee, we can have these defects repaired free of charge.
  3. Ensure some certainty about the repair. When we take our vehicle to a repair shop, we unintentionally obtain a guarantee of safety that the work has been carried out correctly by professionals. On the other hand, if we carry out the repair ourselves and are not sure that we have carried out the steps correctly, this can lead to a very serious safety problem both for us and for other drivers.

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Three advantages of self-repairing brake calipers and brake master cylinders

  1. Saving costs. Did you know that, on certain occasions, and depending on the model of car, we can save an average of 90 pounds if we fix the fault ourselves instead of going to a garage? If we carry out the repair and replacement of the brake calipers or pumps of our vehicle ourselves, we can replace these components with other spare parts, instead of buying a new part. In this way, we will not only reduce costs when replacing the part, but we will also save on the labour costs of the repair.
  2. Gain in convenience and speed. If we carry out the repair ourselves, we can save time, effort and convenience when it comes to repairing our car. In addition, if we take our vehicle to a garage for repair, we may not be able to use it for several days or even weeks. On the other hand, if we do the repair ourselves, we will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible so that we do not have to be without our means of transport.
  3. Know the vehicle perfectly. This may seem silly, but the relationship that a driver has with his vehicle becomes closer and closer as the years go by. While it is true that the professionals in the mechanical workshops know the models and makes on the market, we have driven that vehicle on a daily basis and we know the breakdowns it has had or the situations where it has given the most problems, for example.

At Frenkit, brake part distributors for passenger cars and light vehicles, we are committed to repairing brake calipers and brake pumps on your own, as long as you have the necessary knowledge. In addition, our team of professionals is continually developing new products, with the aim of adapting to a growing demand. Also discover the advantages of the electric parking brake.

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