How to change the electric parking brake

How to change the electric parking brake

The electric parking brake is characterised by a mechanism that locks the wheels of the vehicle, designed to keep the vehicle stationary.

Did you know that the electric parking brake is used in more than 30 million vehicles worldwide? Brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and Renault already incorporate these systems in many of their models.

At Frenkit, a company specialized in manufacturing and distributing brake components for passenger cars and light vehicles, as brake specialists, we guide you through the task of changing the electric handbrake. Find out step by step here!

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When to replace the electric parking brake

The electric parking brake or EPB replaces the standard hand lever. Instead of lifting this lever to park the vehicle, when the EPB knob or button is operated, its internal mechanism locks the car's rear brakes. It is possible for such electrical systems to fail. For this reason, it is important to carry out regular checks and maintenance to ensure that the components, brake pads and brake fluid are in good condition.

As drivers, we must make sure that the electric handbrake is in the correct condition for its use, because, if it is not in the correct condition, we can cause accidents while we are behind the wheel. These are some of the indicators we need to be aware of to know if the electric parking brake needs to be repaired:

  • When the components are neglected. It is essential that the EPB components, cables and brake pads are in good condition. This will ensure that the electric parking brake functions correctly.
  • When there are leaks. In the event of brake fluid leaks between the EPB and the caliper, they should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid more problems.
  • When it does not receive the necessary voltage. The brake system must receive the electrical power it needs to function. If it receives more or less voltage, this may be due to a battery failure or other problems related to the car’s electrical system.

4 steps to change rear caliper with electric parking brake

One thing to be aware of with the electric brake system is that, due to its greater complexity, it tends to fail more often than the traditional lever handbrake. In the event of a problem, the EPB warning light will illuminate to alert us to the problem.

At the same time, correct maintenance of the electric handbrake will prolong the life of its parts and its operation. For this reason, here are the steps to follow to change the electric handbrake.

Before changing the electric parking brake, it is important that the system is started in ‘Maintenance Mode’, for which you will most likely need a diagnostic kit. This OEM equipment can be difficult to acquire, so we advise you to go to a specialist workshop or local distributor who rents these tools.

Remove the connector

The first thing to do is to open the connector lock to remove the electrical connector. Remember that some electric parking brake systems use actuators with an integrated cable.

Take away the fixing screws

The next step is to remove the fixing bolts that hold the brake caliper to the brake bracket or slider. Depending on the design of each caliper, it is important that the guide bolts remain in the brake bracket.

Dismantle the clamp body

We can now separate the caliper body from the caliper. You can use leverage to help you pull the caliper body out if the pads are too tight to the disc.

Disassemble the hose

Finally, once the caliper has been removed, the next step is to remove the brake hose by rotating the caliper body and sealing the hose. This will prevent the system from draining. Be careful when dealing with brake fluid, as it is a solvent and, if not handled properly, can be harmful to your health.

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From Frenkit, we remind you that after fitting the EPB, it is important to calibrate the system following the instructions of each manufacturer. To do this, specialist workshops use a system of analysis and programmes provided by the manufacturer. You can go to them or talk directly to the brand.


What tools do I need to change the electric parking brake

In most cases, the tools we need to change an electric parking brake or EPB are the basics. Here is what they are:

Piston repositioner

Piston repositioners are tools commonly used in workshops and are used to position the piston back to its original position in order to replace the brake pads. In other words, the piston repositioner moves the piston back. Unlike mechanical pistons, electric pistons are easier to repair as they do not have a series of mechanisms inside them.

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Round-tip screwdriver

It will allow us to more easily remove the rubbers and uncouple the body of the brake caliper. At Frenkit we recommend using a round-tipped screwdriver to avoid scratching the metal surface.

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The vice is used to clap the different parts in the vice. It is a mechanism that is attached to the worktable and adjusts the workpieces to be used.

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Open/end spanner

With the help of a spanner or open-end spanner, certain parts of the electric parking brake can be fitted and removed more easily.

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From Frenkit, we recommend that, if a fault occurs in the electric handbrake mechanism, you go as soon as possible to a trusted workshop or consult a professional.

This way we will avoid major complications. If you want to know more about our product references, go to our website or contact us!

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