What to do if the electric parking brake has a malfunction?

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The electric parking brake, or EPB, has the function of ensuring that the car does not move inadvertently. When this system is activated, it emits a tensile power so that the vehicle does not move unintentionally.

The advantages of the electric parking brake system are many, and they make it very user friendly. However, there may also be certain breakdowns that require the vehicle to be taken to a specialised workshop.

In this post by Frenkit, a brake part distributor company for passenger cars and light vehicles, we tell you what to do if the electric parking brake has a malfunction. If it is lock, also we tell you how to release the electric parking brake. All the keys you need to know about what to do if the EPB has a malfunction are in this post!

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Maintenance of the electric parking brake

The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system is a push-button operated device which, through an electrical signal, operates a mechanism while locking the vehicle's brakes. When a fault occurs in the EPB, a warning lamp is activated indicating that a fault has occurred in the system. From Frenkit, we recommend that, in the event of any failure in the brake system, qualified professionals and specialised technicians should be called in to analyse the failure and, if it is necessary, proceed with its repair.

At every service or ongoing maintenance of our car, it is essential to check the correct condition of the cables that operate the electric handbrake, as well as the brake pads and, lastly, to check that there are no brake fluid leaks.

At the same time, it is also possible that the electric handbrake may not work properly because it does not receive the necessary voltage to stop the car. This is due to the poor condition of the battery. It is therefore important to check and ensure that all electronic devices in the vehicle are in perfect working order.


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3 tips on what to do if the electric parking has a malfunction

Here are some tips that can be very useful when it comes to maintaining your vehicle correctly and what to do if the electronic parking brake has a malfunction:


Clean and check the components

It is very important to ensure that the components of the electric parking brake are in good condition. Brake pads, for example, are essential for stopping our car, as they are the ones that exert the pressure to slow the vehicle to a stop.

Check voltage

The braking system must be supplied with the necessary power to function correctly to stop the vehicle when required. If it receives more or less voltage than necessary, this may be due to a fault in the battery and/or Electronic Control Unit (ECU). For this reason, the voltage must be checked with the aid of the relevant diagnostic tools.

Examine the cables

As mentioned above, it is important to check the condition of the EPB components. Over time and with use, brake system cables tend to deteriorate.

But, when will we know that the cables may be damaged? If we have already checked the battery and the electrical connections, the lack of electrical voltage may be due to cable malfunction. Check them for any exposed or cut parts.

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Now that you know some of the key points for proper maintenance of the electric parking brake, it is important to remember to visit a reliable workshop to check the condition of the brake system components, as they guarantee our safety at the wheel.

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