How to change the rear brake pads with an electric parking brake?

How to change the rear brake pads with an electric parking brake_

Nowadays, the vehicles that are appearing on the market have been adapting to new changes. One of these changes has been the application of new technologies to the various cars, and drivers have benefited considerably as a result.

These technological components, which have replaced previous systems, must include computerized tools in their replacement and repair processes, instead of the usual ones. This is the case for rear brake pads with electric parking brakes, which require more advanced tools for replacement.

If you want to know how to change the rear brake pads with an electric handbrake, this is the post for you! Here you will find all the information you need to do it. At Frenkit we specialise in the manufacture and distribution of brake components.

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What are rear brake pads with electric parking brake

Rear brake pads are a component that is responsible for slowing down the car when braking. Located at the rear of the vehicle, they have a lower power output than the pads on the front wheels, as they maintain better control of the vehicle during braking. If the rear brake pads wear more than necessary, it is very important to replace them.

If this happens, the car will not brake properly, as there is no friction material, so the risk of an accident will be considerable.


How to change rear brake pads with electric handbrake

If you have a vehicle with an electric parking brake or EPB (Electric Parking Brake) and you need to change the rear brake pads, pay attention to the following steps that we are going to explain to you:

Connecting the diagnostic tool

Before starting this process, Frenkit would like to point out that we will need some special tools, depending on the car model. changing the rear brake pads with EPB, the system must be started in ‘maintenance’ mode, which will require diagnostic equipment. Do not forget that in this first step it is also essential to make sure that the vehicle's battery voltage is stable.

How to change the rear brake pads with an electric parking brake_ 1

Loosen the EPB pistons

The next step, with the diagnostic equipment connected, is to loosen the EPB actuator. Another way to perform this step, if our model has this function, is to push it back by a command from the diagnostic equipment.

Next, we will perform the calibration. To do this, it is important to make sure that the tool you are using is compatible with your car’s EPB system.

Remove caliper and pistons

In this step we remove the wheel, if we have not already done so, lever out the piston to loosen the pads from the disc. Loosen one of the guide bolts and turn the caliper body on the other guide.

Replace brake pads

It is time to change and replace the brake pads. To do this, we must lubricate the moving parts of the pads so that they do not get stuck, as well as keeping the area clean. The next step is to remove the brake pads and the brake pad retaining springs from the brake mount.

Refit the brake caliper

Once we have properly cleaned each area and fitted the new brake pads, the next step is to re-install the rear brake caliper and ensure that each component is properly secured. In turn, we will install the wheels in their original position.

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Push in the pistons

At this point we must have the car on the ground and with the wheels correctly placed in their initial position, we are going to press the brake pedal several times until we notice that it is hard enough to push the pistons. It is important that this step is done gently, as this will prevent the brake cylinder seals from being damaged.

Connect the electric parking brake pistons

Once the brake pedal is hard, we back off the brake pistons. This is best done with the aid of a diagnostic tool that we have previously used. We will listen to the noise of the EPB motor until the EPB is activated again.

Calibrating the parking brake pistons

From Frenkit, we remind you that after the EPB assembly, we calibrate the system following the instructions of each manufacturer. To do this, specialist workshops use a system of analysis and programmes provided by the manufacturer. You can go to them or talk directly to the brand.

Check that everything is working properly

Once the calibration has been carried out correctly, we must check the function of the handbrake. To do this, activate and deactivate it repeatedly.

Now that you know how to change the rear brake pads with an electric handbrake, on our website we give you the option to access the online shop where you can choose from over 9,000 references of brake system components and filter by different types of products.

You can also take a look at our blog where we talk, for example, about how to unlock the EPB or the advantages of the electric parking brake.

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