Is the electric parking brake reliable?

Is the electric parking brake reliable_

What are the day-to-day differences between manual and electric brakes? Do they have any limitations?, which one is more reliable to use? These are some of the questions that may come to mind when deciding between the two braking systems.

Specifically, there are two different types of operation in the electric parking brake: the wire-operated EPB, through a motor that tightens the wire and allows it to operate the mechanism of each wheel, and the servomotor-operated electric parking brake, which works with a motor that blocks each of the wheels, the latter is the one used by all Frenkit products related to the EPB. But, is the electric parking brake reliable, haven’t made up your mind yet? In this post we tell you why it is a reliable system, read on to find out more!

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Why is the electric parking brake reliable

Today, every car manufacturer is constantly striving to incorporate new applications that make driving as easy as possible. One such development is the electric parking brake, which is becoming increasingly common in new cars.

Humans have been making considerable progress in the automotive industry for more than 50 years and, in the case of parking brakes, they have been part of it, in particular the EPB.

These new systems are often safer than mechanical handbrakes, which operate with a large lever that pulls a wire. The electric parking brake automatically engages when the ignition is switched off and disengages when the clutch pedal is released and the car is accelerated. So if you are parked on a hill, there is no danger of the vehicle rolling backwards.

At the same time, being operated by a small button instead of a lever, the driver can avoid the risk of an accident in case any part of his body collides with the bulky mechanical handbrake. Being a push-button based component, it will also lock the car’s brakes in the event that it needs to be used as an emergency brake.

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Reasons why the electric parking brake is reliable

Although the handbrake is not new, the electric parking brake is. While some car manufacturers started to incorporate it years ago, more and more vehicles are now adding this innovative braking system.

Here are some of the advantages of the electric parking brake and reasons why the  EPB is reliable:


The electric handbrake allows for much more space inside the vehicle, which helps car interior designers become much more creative.

Do not forget to activate it

If your car has an automated electric parking brake, it is impossible to forget to apply the parking brake because when you open the door, remove your seat belt or press the brake pedal hard, the EPB is activated. You never want the car that is out of the parking space to be yours because you didn’t set the parking brake.

No need to use force

Some drivers may find it difficult to apply the hand lever with force, especially if they have to park on a hill. With the electric parking brake, however, only the push of a button is required for the system to exert the necessary force.

Components do not rust

In the electric parking brake system, there are no stressed components such as the rope. In addition, there are fewer rust-prone components in this system.

At the same time, as it is an electric motor that is directly coupled to the clamps, there is no mechanical wire to rust, as the motor itself is covered in plastic and the gaskets seal the mechanism.

At Frenkit, as brake specialists, we believe that the electric parking brake is a highly reliable system, since, as we have mentioned before, it allows us to free up storage space in the front of the car, as well as eliminating certain complications when we are behind the wheel, among other things.

You can now access our online shop where you can find our EPB Kit, with more than 800 applications.

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