How to maintain your car's drum brake properly

How to maintain your cars drum brake properly-1

Although it is an overlooked part on older or second-hand cars, the drum brake is a braking system that is still in full use on today's cars, not to mention commercial and industrial passenger cars. 

Its mechanism consists of a structure made up of several components, and its operation is different from that of disc brakes. These two braking systems are intended to bring the vehicle to a stop when the brake pedal is applied.

In this new post from Frenkit, a company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of brake components for passenger cars and light vehicles, we tell you how to maintain and how to check drum brakes so that it lasts much longer.

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Drum brake maintenance

First of all, it is important to know how the drum brake works. The drum brake has a very simple operating system and understanding how it works is not at all complicated. When we press the brake pedal, the drum brake parts transfer the brake fluid to the cylinder, which with the help of the pistons press the brake shoes against the drum, stopping the movement of the wheel by friction.

In contrast to disc brakes, drum brakes have more components and require less maintenance, one of the main advantages of the drum brake, as they wear much less than disc brakes. Especially if the drum brakes are located on the rear axle, because they only bear 30% of the braking force.

At the same time, the brake pads have a larger contact surface, which means that they wear out slowly and can cover about 60,000 kilometres. If they need to be replaced, this should be done when the friction material is less than 1.6 millimetres from the backing plate.

If driven properly, the vehicle's drum brake and disc, are capable of lasting between 250,000-300,000 kilometres. From time to time, a grinding is usually carried out to ensure that the new brake shoes fit perfectly. That is why it is important to know when to replace drum brakes.

In addition to checking the braking system of our vehicle and replacing worn parts, it is also important to check and make sure you have enough brake fluid. From Frenkit we recommend that you consult your nearest workshop to carry out a proper maintenance of the drum brake of your vehicle.

5 tips to maintain drum brakes correctly

Here are some tips that can be very useful when it comes to maintaining your vehicle's drum brakes and knowing how to check drum brakes:

Check that the brake drum does not rust

Regular care of the brake drum to prevent it from rusting is one of the most important tips, as this part must be free of scratches and cracks on the friction side of the drum in order for the vehicle to brake. You don’t know how to keep brake drums from rusting? Here are very useful methods that will help you to properly clean the rust of the drum brake.

If it is necessary to replace the brake drum, this component must be replaced on both sides of the axle to avoid irregular functioning of the braking system.

Choosing a complete rear kit

If we are going to replace the components of the drum brake of our car, it is essential to always choose a quality rear kit that has all the necessary components for its correct repair.

At Frenkit we have a complete range of repair kits for brake systems. In addition, we have a Development Department that constantly creates new kits for new vehicle models.

Maintain a prudent speed

If we drive incorrectly, we press the brake pedal carelessly, this will have a negative effect on the wear of our vehicle's drum brakes.

In this regard, if you notice a vibration, shaking or noise when braking, you should go to the technical service or a workshop specialising in brake system repairs.

Check brake fluid

As mentioned above, it is also important to monitor the brake fluid in your vehicle. It is therefore advisable to replace it every two years and always use a fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

Go to a reliable workshop

Finally, in the event that some of the aforementioned tips occur in the drum brake of our vehicle, it is necessary to visit a trusted workshop to check the condition of our braking system, as this is a fundamental component that guarantees our safety when driving.

When the time comes to carry out maintenance or changing the drum brakes of our car, it is essential to choose top level brands, which provide maximum quality and safety in each of their parts.

At Frenkit we have a wide range of products for vehicles. What are you waiting for? Visit Frenkit's product catalogue and buy the kits for your car through our online shop.

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