How to paint brake calipers: options and prices

How to paint brake calipers. options and prices

On some cars it is not uncommon to see coloured brake calipers, especially in shades of yellow and red.

Usually, people who decide to paint the brake calipers on their vehicles want to give them a sportier look. Instead of going to a garage, some people decide to paint their brake calipers themselves.

In this post we will explain how to paint a brake caliper step by step, which are the best paints and where to buy them. But first let's remember the definition of brake calipers that we collected in the post on what a brake caliper is.

The brake caliper is the set of parts, usually made of aluminium or steel, which performs the final objective of the braking system, pushing the brake pads against the disc and thus slowing down or stopping our vehicle.


If we are looking for an eye-catching look for our brake calipers, we will resort to bright colours that contrast with the bodywork of our vehicle. However, if we want the brake calipers to be more discreet, we will use more neutral colours. 

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Brake calipers are an essential part of the vehicle's braking system. Without good maintenance or care, there is a risk that the braking system will not work properly. That is why it is important to check them at least once a year. It is also important to be aware of the types of brake calipers available on the market.

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If you are not able to paint your brake calipers yourself, we encourage you to go to a specialised workshop. However, if you decide to paint them yourself, it is important that you take into account a series of indications before starting to do so:

  • Brake calipers that are painted in factories use a special paint designed to withstand the high temperatures that these parts are exposed to. These paints are resistant to light and weather conditions. If you are going to paint your vehicle's brake caliper yourself, you should use a paint that is resistant to these factors.
  • Beware of choosing a defective paint. It is dangerous, as it can cause the brake calipers to not exert enough friction on the disc and the disc will not brake properly. If the paint cannot withstand these conditions of use and gets between the brake pads and the disc, it could slip and not brake.
  • You must have the knowledge to disassemble the brake calipers and then reassemble them. If you make a mistake, you can damage the braking system of your vehicle.

Once you have taken our recommendations into account, you can start the process. These are the steps we have to take to be able to paint a brake caliper ourselves:

Dismantle the caliper and its components

To disassemble the brake caliper we will have to remove the screw that holds the caliper, as well as disconnect the hollow bolts and fittings of the hoses. Before proceeding with the painting, the caliper must be completely disassembled. If it is a floating caliper, both the body and the base of the caliper must be left without any element, removing them carefully so as not to damage them. In the case of a fixed clamp, both parts of the clamp must be separated and all components must be removed in the same way to leave them alone. 

Clean the brake caliper and remove the paint

First clean with soapy water to remove all dirt, e.g. rust on the brake caliper. Next, a more thorough cleaning must be carried out. To do this, all critical or working holes must be plugged. Cardboard or masking tape can be used to block these holes. The outside of the clamp is brushed with a wire brush or blown with sand to remove the old paint and leave it completely clean. A paint stripper (a product used to remove paint) can be used to make cleaning easier. 

Apply a coat of primer

Before starting to apply the first coat of paint, we must apply a coat of primer to ensure that the paint will remain in good condition over time. There are different formats of primer, but the one we are most interested in is the spray or aerosol, as it is much easier to apply on the brake caliper. It is important to respect the drying time so that the paint remains fixed. 

Paint the brake caliper

We are now ready to paint our brake caliper in the colour we have chosen. It is important to follow all the steps indicated by the paint manufacturer in order to achieve an optimum result. When applying the paint, the manufacturers recommend that it should be applied at a distance of 20 centimetres so that the paint layer is uniform. Do not forget that you will have to apply several coats of paint to the brake caliper. In addition, if the caliper is suspended by wires, it is easier to apply and dry the paint.

At Frenkit we recommend doing the primer in a paint booth or at least in an airy room where the paint cannot be contaminated by dirt or dust, as well as using the relevant safety measures: paint mask, paint overalls, goggles and gloves. We can now remove the cardboard or tape that we have used to obstruct and cover the holes.

Assembly of components

In reverse order, we now assemble the clamp components in the correct order. At Frenkit we give you the possibility of replacing the internal components of your brake caliper with completely new ones. Discover all our repair kits for brake calipers.

Position the brake calipers correctly in their place

This is the last step we have to take, but one of the most important, we have to assembly the brake caliper. When the paint is completely dry, we will place it on the brake disc and reassemble the wheel, making sure that each part is correctly positioned.  

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[Learn how to identify the reference of a brake caliper or brake master  cylinder]


Where to buy brake caliper paint and how much does it cost?

How to paint brake calipers. options and prices 3Please note that another option is to buy the brake caliper already painted at the factory. Brembo, a company that designs, develops and manufactures braking systems and components for vehicles and motorbikes, offers a wide range of colours.

But if you decide to paint your brake calipers yourself, here are some dealers who sell brake caliper paints online:

    • Euro car parts. On this page you will find a red caliper paint. This kit to paint your brake caliper also includes a cleaner and a brush. The price is quite affordable: just 16’99 pounds.
    • Key performance. This other kit for painting your brake calipers has a variety of up to 16 colours to choose from. It includes, like the previous one, a cleaner, a brush and the 250ml paint can. All for £14.99.
    • E-Tech engineering. This brake caliper’s paint is a unique one part paint system that has been specially formulated for brake caliper application. The paint requires no mixing with hardeners or priming and is therefore easy to use with no mess. The pack contains a 500ml E-TECH Brake Cleaner Aerosol, a paint brush, and a 250ml Tin of E-TECH Caliper Paint.

How to paint brake calipers. options and prices 4If you have chosen to take your car to a specialised garage to have your brake calipers painted, at Frenkit we advise you that the best thing to do is to go to a trusted garage where they will tell you in detail each of the steps that they will carry out when doing it.

MOT and brake calipers

We must not forget that all the changes we make to our vehicle must pass the Ministry of Transport (MOT). In addition, the brake mechanism is one of the parts of the vehicle that is most closely examined during inspections. If the car's brake calipers are badly painted or the part does not correspond to the vehicle, we could fail the MOT.

Modifications to the braking system need to be approved, as they are considered major modifications. Therefore, you will need a certificate stating that the vehicle modification has been carried out correctly and that it has been signed by a qualified technician.

Whether you are a professional in the automotive sector or you decide to fix your vehicle yourself, at Frenkit, a brake parts distributor, we specialise in manufacturing and distributing brake components for all types of vehicles. What are you waiting for? Access our user area to find out more

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