Repair the drum brake or replace it completely?

Repair the drum brake or replace it completely?

The drum brake is characterized as a type of braking system that, when the brake pedal is applied, produces friction through the brake shoes, which also press against the inner surface of a rotating drum that is connected to the axle or wheel of the vehicle.

This brake system, located on the rear axle of the car, can break down and not work properly for various reasons, such as the brake shoes needing to be replaced. Ensuring that all elements of the drum brake are in perfect condition is one of our priorities when we are behind the wheel.

In this post by Frenkit, experts in manufacturing and distribution of brake components for light vehicles and passenger cars, we tell you which is more convenient: repairing the damaged drum brake or replacing it completely. Don't miss this post!

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When to change the drum brake

The drum brake consists of a rotating part that is in charge of receiving most of the heat produced when we brake our vehicle. Its wear is progressive. For this reason, it is important to carry out periodic inspections so that both the components of the drum brake and the brake fluid are as effective as possible.

It is vitally important that a brake system is in the best condition because, if it is in poor condition, it may not perform its function and cause an accident while we are behind the wheel. These are some of the symptoms that we must take into account when it comes to know when to replace drum brakes:

  • The brake pedal has a longer stroke. This indicates that there may be leakage or seizure in the wheel cylinders.
  • Squeaking noise in the rear area. It means that the brake shoes are worn, so they rub against the drum and cause a noise and a defect when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Deviation in the vehicle's trajectory. This last indicator may means that one of the rear axle brakes is not working properly and should be repaired.

Why repair the drum brake instead of replacing it completely?

Now that we know some of the reasons why we should proceed with the repair of the drum brake of our vehicle, it is essential to know the price that may involve fixing this component in a mechanical workshop.

The average life of a rear drum brake kit does not exceed 100,000 kilometers. Unlike the disc brake, the drum brake does not usually have a high price, this usually ranges between 35 and 94 dollars, if we refer to a standard vehicle model. However, what can be more expensive is when we carry out the complete replacement of a damaged drum brake for a new one if we go to a workshop, since in these circumstances the repair is more than 352 dollars.

Let's take a practical example of how much it would cost us to replace the drum brake completely or repair the one we already have on a Seat Ibiza IV series model:

  • Frenkit Drum Brake Component Repair Kit (+ VAT): 4,65$.
  • Kit installation labor (one hour): 82$. Replacing all drum brake components involves disassembling and reassembling the brake system. Therefore, the labor cost will be higher, even though the repair kit is much cheaper.
  • Set of brake shoes: 61$.
  • Total repair with Frenkit components: 146$.

Now let's take a look at what it may cost to replace the damaged drum brake with a rebuilt one:

  • New drum brake parts (brake shoe set, bearings, brake drum, etc.): 248$.
  • Labor in a mechanical workshop: 58$. Unlike the above, if we replace the damaged drum brake with a rebuilt one, spare parts will be more expensive than labor.
  • Taxes: 54$.
  • Total: 356$.

In this particular example we have focused on a drum brake component kit and a complete set of brake shoes. For this reason, it is more expensive to rebuild the damaged drum brake, as all the brake system parts would need to be replaced. Our Frenkit kit is the best option if you only need to replace the drum brake components of your vehicle.

In Frenkit we are experts in distributing and manufacturing brake components for all types of vehicles. Therefore, we recommend you to repair and fix the drum brake as long as we have enough knowledge to be able to disassemble and replace the new parts of the vehicle's brake system. If this is not the case, we will have to go to a reliable workshop.

Depending on the model, type and make of vehicle, the price of the drum brake may vary from one to another. Therefore, we give you the possibility to access our online catalogue, where you will find a wide range of kits and repair kits for brake systems so you can change the drum brake.

For more information about our product kits, visit our website where you can filter by vehicle make, model or type of vehicle. 

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